1) FAVORITE MOVIE? Easily the best movie ever made, Ghostbusters.

2) FAVORITE SONG? Now we get into much harder areas to nail down “favorites.” If I had to pick a favorite song, of all time, it would have to be “Smells Like Teen Spirit” but it changes all the time.

3) FAVORITE FEMALE/MALE SINGER? That would be Mr. Johnny Cash

4) FAVORITE BAND? This is another area that is difficult for someone as eclectic as me probably would have to give the edge to The Clash

5) FAVORITE FOOD? I love to eat, so food of any kind is usually good but my favorite would have to be steak and potatoes.

6) WHY DO RADIO? I love to hear myself talk. Seriously its just been my dream job since I was a kid.

7) FAVORITE TV SHOW? I love Mythbusters, its probably the best thing still on television.

8) WHAT BORES YOU? I have ADHD, I'm bored by a lot

9) WHAT DO YOU DO FOR FUN? Hang out with my friends, play all kinds of games, watch TV and movies.

10) WHAT ARE YOU REALLY PASSIONATE ABOUT? Radio, music, and science.

11) DO YOU HAVE KIDS? HOW MANY? BOYS/GIRLS? I don't have any children but I'm basically a big kid myself.

12) DO YOU HAVE PETS? WHAT KIND? I have three dogs, a begal named Harley and two mutts Lily and Sally. I also raise rabbits so I have dozens of bunnies that are pets too.

13) FAVORITE MOVIE STAR? I would say Seth Green, he seems like my kind of people.

14) RIGHTY OR LEFTY? I'm right handed by practice but I can actually do most things ambidextrously.

15) WHAT'S YOUR NICKNAME? Everyone calls me Big Tommy, that's as close as I have to a nickname.

16) FAVORITE SPORT? Despite being born and raised in the south I love hockey.

17) FAVORITE ATHLETE? I would have to say pro Skateboarder Mike Vallely.

18) FAVORITE BOOK? I don't know if it counts as a book, but The Watchmen is my favorite reader.

19) FAVORITE MAGAZINE? Make magazine, its all about DIY and science

20) BROTHERS/SISTERS? I'm an only child.

21) FAVORITE SUBJECT IN SCHOOL? Science hands down.

22) BEST PHYSICAL FEATURE? I have been told my eyes.

23) REAL HAIR COLOR? Yes, blonde is my natural hair color.

24) EYE COLOR? Blue

25) WEAR GLASSES? I do wear glasses and contacts.

26) FAVORITE HOLIDAY? Halloween is my absolute favorite, I start making plans usually in August.


28) FAVORITE VACATION SPOT? My bed, I'm a stay-cation kind of guy.

29) FAVORITE RESTAURANT? Tumbleweed is always good.

30) DO YOU PREFER SILVER OR GOLD? I don't know, I'm not a jewelry fan, but I would have to pick gold.

31) FAVORITE BEVERAGE? Sweet tea all day, every day.

32) COFFEE OR TEA? Sweet tea once again.

33) FAVORITE ICE CREAM? Cookie dough, no contest.

34) WHAT TIME DO YOU WAKE UP? As late as possible, seriously I'm not an early bird.

35) WHAT TIME DO YOU GO TO BED? As late as possible, that's why I wake up late.

36) HAVE YOU EVER BROKEN A BONE? I have broken several; my ankle, my hand, but nothing serious.

37) FAVORITE CATCH PHRASE? “I was Born Ready” I use that at least once a week.


39) FAVORITE FLOWER? Well I'm gonna go with the cactus, having raised them for years. I know they can be cooler than any flower.

40) FAVORITE ALBUM OR COMPLETE WORK OF MUSICAL ARTIST? “Nevermind the Bollocks” by the Sex Pistols

41) FAVORITE ARTICLE OF CLOTHING? Shorts, I'm too casual for long pants.

42) FAVORITE PLACE TO BE? Anywhere with my friends.

43) ARE YOU MARRIED? No ladies, I'm single.

44) ZODIAC SIGN? Pisces

45) WHAT'S YOUR DREAM CAR? The Ghostbusters Cadillac ECTO-1.

46) WHAT MOVIE STAR DO YOU RESEMBLE? I have heard Chris Farley a lot, but I don't see it.

47) DO YOU SLEEP ON YOUR SIDE, BACK OR STOMACH? I sleep on my stomach or side

48) WHAT MAKES YOU LAUGH? Oh pretty much anything can make me laugh, I'm a fun loving person.

49) WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE SNACK? Chips and salsa, the hotter the better.

50) IS THE GLASS HALF EMPTY OR HALF FULL? Ah, philosophy. Honestly I can see both as right.