Date: 7/11/2013

Subject: Canning , Freezing & More Series

Message: Canning , Freezing & More Series All classes are from 5:30 p.m.ó7 p.m. Class fees are $5.00 each and must be paid at time of registration. Payment is required to secure your spot. Class size is limited. Registration must be received one week prior to class. July 11, 5:30 Canning Entrees, Soups and Stocks- So you have finally gotten to the point where most of your meals are cooked from scratch. You are seeing the savings in your grocery budget and are so pleased to be able to feed your family wholesome health building foods. But, it would be so nice to once in awhile be able to make a fast and easy meal without compromising health and without busting the budget. What is the answer to this dilemma?? Canning up your own good quality foods so they are sitting on the shelf ready to eat! This workshop will go over the basic of pressure canning entrees, soups and stocks so you can have them on hand anytime you need a fast, delicious meal. July 15, Canning Condiments, spreads and salsas- Can meals be casual, quick, easy ---and still be a gourmet delight? Indeed they can!!! Come learn the how to can sweet spreads, hot and spicy salsa, flavorful syrups, and delicately herbed sauces you preserved at seasonís peak. July 18, Freezing to Preserve -Freezing is an excellent way to preserve most fresh foods. This workshop will cover the basic of freezing fruits and vegetables. We will be making freezer slaw and jam. August 8, Speedy Suppers- Concern about health is leading some people back to the kitchen. With planning and a few short cuts it isnít hard to prepare speedy suppers that put you in charge of what and how much you eat. August 15, Feast for Five Bucks- This workshop will teach you how to prepare appealing and nutritious meals and stay within budget, too. With proper planning, careful shopping and basic food preparation knowledge, you can please your family and save money. August 20, Cooking for 1 or 2- Come learn how fun it can be to cook for 1 or 2. Cooking for one or two can be creative and rewarding. Special touches are easy to add when preparing only a serving or two. You can afford the occasional extravagances, such as out-of-season fruit or a more expensive cut of meat. You can experiment with new recipes, new techniques and new foods because there isn't a large quantity involved. In addition, you can easily adjust meal timing, size and content to meet your needs. Classes will be held at the Hardin County Extension Office, 201 Peterson Drive, Elizabethtown, KY 42701 Phone 270-765-4121

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