Date: 5/20/2013

Subject: Blaze Baseball

Message: Summertime is baseball time and Blaze wants to include everyone, Blaze is an intentionally inclusive baseball team for children with special needs. Because of the unique nature and structure of Blaze, all children are able to participate in some capacity. The team plays with a tee-ball and everyone who is comfortable hitting pitched balls is encouraged to. Children who are not comfortable with pitching can hit the ball off the tee. This allows everyone the opportunity to hit the ball and run bases. Blaze is a forward thinking concept that comprises an outside the box baseball team that is dedicated to providing opportunities for special needs children to play organized baseball. Blaze is for Ages 4-21 and over 21 will be able to play as buddies and the games are May 20 from 6-7:15 at the Duvall Baseball Park at the Rookie FieldIf you are interested in learning more about Blaze Baseball with Joshua’s Friends or you’re a forward thinking person with a passion to be a baseball buddy for some really neat kids then don’t hesitate to contact Liz today! 270-307-0111

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